Real Alcázar – Gardens: Gallery of the Grotesque and Charles V Pavilion

Gallery of the grotesque in the gardens of the Real Alcázar of Seville, Spain

Gallery of the grotesque

Gallery of the grotesque
Covering an area of about 15 acres, the gardens of the Alcazar are home to exotic plants from all over the world. There are fountains, ponds, and beautiful structures built over the centuries within these gardens.

Merging seamlessly with the surroundings on the left side of the image is the Gallery of the Grotesque. Designed by Vermondo Resta and constructed by Juan de Mendoza, this structure replaced the old wall built by the Almohads, and it took 12 years (i.e., 1612 to 1624) to complete. Built with the mannerist style, a 16th-century style of art and design introduced to Seville by Vermondo Resta, the building seamlessly blends with nature.

The tiled building with white walls on the far end of the image is the Charles V Pavilion.

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