Sri Lanka: Young male elephant in Kaudulla National Park

Young male elephant in Kaudulla National Park in Sri Lanka

Young male elephant in Kaudulla National Park

Asian elephant – Young male
Located on the banks of Kaudulla Wewa (Kaudulla Lake), about 120 miles northeast of Colombo and 30 miles east of Sigiriya, Kaudulla National Park is home to a multitude of animals, including elephants, monkeys, wild boars, crocodiles, and leopards. It is also a sanctuary for native and migratory birds.

Covering an area of over 1600 acres, Kaudulla National Park is a “dry evergreen forest” with a large swath of grasslands near the take. Every day, a large number of elephants gather on these grasslands to feed on the grass, a spectacular event watched by tourists on their safari jeeps.

As you can see from the image, several elephants are busy feeding themselves. Majestically standing in front is a young male.

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