Sigiriya: Mirror Wall

Outer side of the mirror wall at the Sigiriya Lion Rock, Sri Lanka

Outer side of the Mirror Wall

Mirror Wall
The Mirror Wall is an ancient barrier built to protect the people walking on the pathway cut along the western side of the rock.

The image shows the outer side of the Mirror Wall. The inner side of the wall has the staircase leading to the Lion’s Paw Terrace. The spiral staircase above the Mirror Wall leads to the caves containing the remnants of the ancient frescos painted on their walls. Traces of paintings were also found on the outer surface of the wall and are likely remnants of the murals once existed there.

The Mirror Wall is made of bricks and covered with finely polished plaster. The fine polish on the inner surface of the wall made it appear like a mirror. The wall owes its name to this mirror-like appearance. It is believed that King Kashyapa used to view his reflection while climbing the stairs to reach his palace.

Although the original construction of the Mirror Wall amazingly survived more than 1500 years, its inner surface lost its fine polish. Covering the inner surface now is a large number of graffiti, scratched by people visiting the rock summit from the 6th to 14th century.

After the fall of King Kashyapa, the rock fortress on the summit fell into disuse and became home to Buddhist monasteries. Some of the visitors were Pilgrims to these monasteries. Inspired by the awe-inspiring construction of the palace complex, the staircase passing through the giant lion face, and the murals painted on the rock surface and inside the caves above the Mirror Wall, visitors expressed their feelings, most of which as poems, by writing them on the inner surface.

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