Milford Sound: Bowen Falls

Bowen Falls in Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand

Bowen Falls in Milford Sound

Bowen Falls
Located near the Milford Sound wharf, Bowen Falls is the highest waterfall in Milford Sound, New Zealand. It was named after Lady Elizabeth Bowen, who was the wife of George Bowen, a governor of New Zealand in the 1800s. In the Maori language, it is called Hine Te Awa, which means Girl on the River.

With a height of 162 meters, it is short compared to the Angel Falls (979 meters – in Venezuela), but tall compared to the Niagara Falls (51 meters – in Canada/USA). The water for the falls comes from the Bowen River, which is 6 miles long and originates in nearby Mount Grave.

See a distant view of this falls.

Besides Bowen Falls, there are five other waterfalls in Milford Sound, including Stirling Falls, which is the most visible and very popular with the tourists.

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