Alhambra – Nasrid Palaces: Ceiling of the Sala de los Reyes (Hall of the Kings)

The ceiling of the Sala de los Reyes (Hall of the Kings) located inside the Nasrid Palaces in Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Ceiling of the Sala de los Reyes (Hall of the Kings)

Ceiling of the Sala de los Reyes
The image shows a view of the ceiling of Sala de los Reyes (Hall of the Kings). It looks like a honeycomb constructed with small and colorful cells of different geometric shapes, including triangles and rectangles. The domes with such honeycomb structures are called the Dome of the Mocárabes or Muqarnas.

Located east of the Court of the Lions and part of the Palace of the Lions, Sala de los Reyes (Hall of the Kings) is one of the most interesting halls in the Nasrid Palaces, mainly because of the three paintings on its ceiling.

At the center of this rectangular-shaped hall is the main room flanked by two bedrooms on the sides. Connecting the main hall to the bedrooms are the exquisitely decorated double arch doorways.

A corridor separates this hall and the Court the Lions, and the three beautifully decorated arched doorways connect this corridor to the hall. Check the map of the Palace of the Lions.

The Hall of the Kings got its name because of the painting of the first ten kings of Nasrid dynasty on its ceiling. It is also known as the Justice Hall.

Check the three paintings on the ceiling of the Hall of the Kings:
Ten Nasrid Kings
Daily Life
Fighting and hunting scenes

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