Palace at Knossos: Dolphins fresco in Queen’s Megaron

Dolphins fresco found in Queen's Megaron at the archaeological site of Knossos in Crete, Greece

Dolphins Fresco

Dolphins Fresco
The image shows the famous Dolphins Fresco mounted on the wall of a structure known as the Queen’s Megaron (i.e., queen’s apartment)located on the archaeological site of Knossos in Crete, Greece. It belonged to the Minoans, a mysterious culture that flourished in Crete more than 4000 years ago.

The Dolphins Fresco was reconstructed from the fragments found in and around the Queen’s Megaron.

Beautiful and colorful frescoes decorated the walls of the Minoan palaces and houses. They followed certain color codes, most likely borrowed from the Egyptians. Some of the codes are: red for men, white for women, yellow for gold. The following frescoes illustrate the use of color codes: Ladies in Blue, Bull Leaping and Prince of the Lilies.

Palace at Knossos Images
Horns of Consecration – Sacred horns of the bull
Ruins of a multi-storied structure
Ruins of Palace at Knossos
Reconstructed hall with columns and frescoes
Bastion of the Bull
King’s Megaron and Stoa
Queen’s Megaron
Jars at “The Magazines of the Great Pithoi”
Pithoi Jars

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