Somanathapura Keshava Temple: Star of Lakshmi

Octagram symbolizing Star of Lakshmi carved into a beam of the ceilingof the Somanathapura Keshava Temple located in Karnataka, India

Octagram symbolizing Star of Lakshmi

Star of Lakshmi
The eight-pointed star formed by two overlapping squares, popularly known as Star of Lakshmi, is carved into a stone beam supporting the roof of the Navaranga (i.e., the pillared hall in front of the garbhagrihas) of the Somanathapura Keshava Temple.

As you can see, the Star of Lakshmi encloses a beautifully carved lotus flower medallion. Lakshmi is Vishnu’s consort and the Hindu goddess of wealth and associated with the lotus flower (Padma), which symbolizes purity, beauty, and enlightenment. The iconography of Lakshmi shows her either sitting on a lotus flower or holding them.

Geometrically, the figure shown in the image is a special eight-angled polygon named octagram. The ceiling of the Somanathapura Keshava Temple is embellished with many such geometrical figures and patterns.

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