Sigiriya Rock Summit: Throne

Rock-cut throne on the summit of the Lion Rock of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka

Rock-cut throne

Rock-cut throne
The rock-cut structure, consisting of the bench and the platform and located at the geometrical center of the summit, is believed to be King Kashyapa’s throne, where he met his courtiers and guests.
As you can see, the throne was precisely-cut and smoothly polished, appearing as though it was machine-made, but no such evidence exists. The squarish holes in the platform suggest that the throne had a roof supported by wooden poles pegged into these holes.

The Ruins of the Eastern Section page shows the position of the throne and its surroundings.

It is mind boggling how this precisely-cut and smoothly-polished structure was made without the help of sophisticated machinery. It is a testament to the ingenuity of the Sri Lankan craftsmen and engineers who built this site.

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