Badami Cave – 1: Harihara – Fusion of Shiva and Vishnu

Sculptural relief depicting fusion of Shiva and Vishnu as Harihara carved into the left side wall of the mukhamantapa in Cave - 1 located at Badami, Karnataka, India

The fusion of Shiva and Vishnu as Harihara

Harihara – Fusion of Shiva and Vishnu
This beautifully carved sculptural relief depicting Harihara is on the left wall of Cave – 1, the first of the four rock-cut cave temples located in Badami, Karnataka, India. Harihara is a symbolical fusion of the two Gods of the Hindu Trinity, Vishnu and Shiva, and is a single entity made from half of Shiva’s and half of Vishnu’s features. Because of this fusion, the followers of both the Shaiva and Vaishnava traditions worship Harihara.

As you can see from the image, Harihara is carved with Shiva’s features on the left side and Vishnu’s features on the right side. Shiva’s wife Parvati and his vehicle Nandi are standing on the right side of Harihara. Likewise, Vishnu’s wife Lakshmi and his vehicle Garuda are standing on the other side.

Cave – 1 Images
Facade and Entrance
Cave – 1 Ground Plan
– Right side view: Nataraja performing Tandava Nritya
– Left side view: Dwarapala, Shiva-Parvati, Vrishabha-Kunjara
– Mukhamantapa right wall: Ardhanarishvara and Sage Bhringi
– Mukhamantapa ceiling: Nagaraja
– Inside view: Garbhagriha and pillars
– Garbhagriha: Shivalinga

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