Palace at Knossos: Throne room with frescoes

Throne room with frescoes in the Palace at Knossos in Crete, Greece

Throne room with frescoes

Throne room with frescoes
The Throne Room is one of the important structures that was restored at the archaeological site at Knossos located on the island of Crete, Greece. The purpose of this room is still being debated.

Built into the wall in the middle of the room is a rock throne flanked on each side by the frescoes of Griffins, which are the mythological creatures with the head and wings of an eagle and body and tail of a lion. In front of the throne is a circular tub known as Lustral Basin, which was likely used for ceremonial purposes. Built into the wall next to the throne are the benches that can seat about 16 people.

Palace at Knossos Images
Horns of Consecration – Sacred horns of the bull
Ruins of a multi-storied structure
Ruins of Palace at Knossos
Reconstructed hall with columns and frescoes
Bastion of the Bull
King’s Megaron and Stoa
Queen’s Megaron
Jars at “The Magazines of the Great Pithoi”
Pithoi Jars

Prince of the Lilies Fresco
Dolphins Fresco
Griffin Fresco in the Throne Room
Bull Leaping Fresco
Ladies in Blue Fresco

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