Aihole Durga Temple: Garuda subduing nagas

Relief of garuda clasping snakes carved into the lintel of the sabhamanta door in the Durga Temple at Aihole in Karnataka, India

Garuda subduing nagas

Garuda subduing nagas
This intricately carved relief is on the lintel of the door at the entrance to the sabhamantapa (congregation hall) of the Durga Temple located Aihole in Karnataka, India. It depicts Vishnu’s vehicle Garuda, a mythical eagle-like bird with a human-like body with wings, holding nagas (serpents) with human heads. As you can see, there are three nagas on each side with their bodies tightly clasped by Garuda’s hands. Notice the middle naga on the left. He has seven serpent heads, indicating that he is the Nagaraja, the king of serpents.

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